Sunday, November 23, 2014

Let them have it

I'm so tired of all the shit talk, of the blame game and gridlock.  Can they do it better?  Let them have the reigns.  Do it, fellow dems, give it to the republicans.  Give them EVERYTHING!  The house, the senate, the presidency.  Give it to them and let them run with it.  They have a plan for everyone?  They will help the poor and working class move up?  Let's give them a chance.  Will they say they can't do much because of their predecessors?  No, you can't play the blame game.   Let them repeal ACA, let them reduce SNAP and give tax breaks to corporations.  Let's see if it trickles down.  If their plans work out for our country, I will be in Line congratulating them.  But if not, watch out, the revolution will be at hand!
Give them a chance to fail.  We need the proof because a good portion of America doesn't see it yet.  They need to be convinced.  Let's give McConnell a chance to show them what he can do for them.