Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A touch of nostalgia

The kids are off to brother and sister-in-law's house today so I can dig into a bunch of work that has piled up. It's amazing how much work I can get done when I can focus on things for more than 5 minutes at a time. I'm glad that SIL and I have worked out the kid swap thing so we can both do outside work to supplement the bacon our husbands bring home. God knows we need it in the crazy housing market of So. Cal!
What was I going to post about? Ah, yes, nostalgia.

So, as I'm working I popped in an old CD I found. Beck's Mutations. Husband and I used to listen to a lot of Beck back in our dating days. I haven't listened to it much since we got married 5.5 years ago. A soon as the first notes started I was struck with warm, fuzzy feelings -- I suddenly remembered how much fun husband and I had when we were dating and how great life was then. It still is great and I love husband more deeply now, but everything was so easy then. What worries did we have? We had two nice incomes. We spent hours looking at the ocean from my apartment deck. We could walk to almost anything we needed. We worried only about our own laundry and traffic when visiting each other -- we had to travel across L.A. to see each other for a few months.
We desparately need a fun weekend with no kiddos. We have loads of fun with the kids, but he and I are like two kids when we're alone. We joke and have awesome talks.
It just took a few simple songs to bring all this back. I think I'll pop in my Sean Lennon CD next (one of those songs was our wedding song) to keep the good feelings flowing. And I have to make a note that when I'm feeling frazzled or a bit blah about the day to day of being married, I just have to listen to some old songs to remember that I married my best friend.

Oh, and I love the "new" Beck album, The Information. It's not really new (released in October) but I don't stay on top of these things.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Bad movie -- don't feel so bad because of Netflix

I don't feel so bad when we choose a sucky movie these days because we get them from netflix. We can return it tomorrow and by Friday we'll have a new choice. All for one monthly fee... what a great concept. We've been Netflix customers for a few years now and it has given us access to a lot of movies we never would have seen on the shelves of the local video stores. But we do get some duds, like tonight. Actually, I didn't get a dud, my husband did. He has been a fan of Tenacious D for many years. He and his best pal have excellent voices and although I'm not a fan of the Tenacious D lyrics, when I hear those two belting out some of the tunes from the 1st album, it is entertaining.
Anyway, husband was anxiously awaiting seeing the movie and seeing how we don't go out to the movies because of the difficulty in finding childcare, we put it on our netflix queue long ago. He got the CD and I was not impressed at all.
I've been sitting here processing payroll for the biz and occasionally glancing up at the movie, The Pick of Destiny. It ain't pretty! Husband is disappointed. I guess it wasn't a great idea for the members of Tenacious D to do a movie about themselves.... I mean, they already did that with their HBO show.

So, I don't think I would even recommend it as a rental. It is already difficult to squeeze in time to get a bit of work on the book done and read a bit -- nevermind the yoga I keep meaning to get back to (it's only been since before I was pregnant with my now 2 year old!).

Rainy day blues

Today started off with our morning visitor again. He started early today. Lucas entered our room claiming a bad dream at 3:30 a.m.(either that kid has a lot of bad dreams or he is trying to sucker me into letting him sleep in our room). I took him back to his room and tucked him in again. He was back at 4:15 and I was so exhausted (stayed up too late writing) that I allowed him to stay. Husband never seems to be disturbed by the little critter, but I never get back to sleep fully once Luc is with us. He started asking for breakfast at 6:30 and I told him 5 more minutes. I stretched this out until 6:45 and then he dragged me to the kitchen to help him pour some cereal and milk. Amanda, bless her heart, was sound asleep until 7:15 as always. So, I had a little crankster on my hands because of his poor sleep. We headed out at 8:45 -- late because "someone" hid my keys. We picked up cousin Ben and then stopped by the mailbox to pick up my work mail. Things were going good. We got home and I asked the kids to play for a bit while I got things ready for our craft (homemade placemats). Well, Luc was determined to see the bad in everything. Everyone had a better toy, a better spot to see the book I' was reading, the bigger cupcake (we decorated cupcakes after lunch).... He is acting like we're all out to make him miserable today. Well, I lost it a bit(after 30 minutes of his moaning and crying) and sent him to his room until he could be a good friend. That started the real waterworks and that just tugs at my heart. He is such an emotional boy and I guess I had expectations for what 4 would bring. I thought that by this age he would be able to express himself better and take disappointment a bit better. I need to change my expectations because I know that he's got a lot more emtional growing to do (heck, don't we all).

Everyone is quietly napping now and I've finished cleaning up after lunch and the cupcakes. I have a ton of work to do and this blog is keeping me from it.