Friday, September 21, 2007

Time lady is gone and why I like fall better than spring

It happened and I missed it. The time lady is no more in Southern California. I knew the end was near, but I thought I had a few more days. I tried to call last night and I was informed that the time lady had already passed on. I'm upset. I have vivid memories of being in my childhood kitchen and calling the time lady on our rotary phone. I don't know why, but sometimes we would listen to her voice for a minute or more. It was familiar, soothing, always there.... Now it's gone.

I love fall and we are having a bit of autumnal weather around So. Cal this week. It is quite early for such weather, but I'll take it even if it only lasts a couple of days. Although there is a chill in the air, fall carries with it some of the warmth left over from summer. I can't describe it except to say that my bones must have socked away some of the summer heat and they slowly release it when an autumn breeze blows.
Spring, on the other hand, carries with it the cold of winter. My bones haven't completely thawed out by the time spring rolls around and those cool spring breezes always leave me chilled. The temperature could be the same in spring and fall, but I would always feel warmer at my core when the leaves are changing (wishful thinking where I live) and the pumpkins are being carved.


L.A. Daddy said...

Oh, you crazy Californians and your frozen winter bones!

Actually, I laughed out loud last night. We're on the way home from the grocery store, and it's maybe 67 degrees out, and I see a girl walking down the street with a fur-lined parka on. I kid you not.

I've been here 13 years and have never had a need for a coat with even a lining in it!

Maureen said...

I know, we are crazy when it comes to the cold. I do admit to putting on a lined jacket if the temp dips below 65. It's weird, when I lived in the chilly mountains of Colorado, I would often venture out in 20 degree weather with just a turtleneck and gloves:)