Monday, September 01, 2008

2nd tooth gone, bbq and politics

My baby boy now looks more like he did 5 years ago -- he is missing two of his bottom teeth. The second one came out today and now he is eagerly awaiting the tooth fairy's second visit.
At this rate, I won't be able to afford my mortgage this month....:)

We had a good first week of Kindergarten -- I think. Luc doesn't like to talk much about school. I think he is pretty tired after being there all day and he really doesn't want to rehash everything. But he seems happy. We are ready for week two after a nice Labor Day Weekend. We headed up to my big sis' place on Saturday for some bbq and fun. She has the most awesome backyard and I only saw Lucas for about 5 minutes the whole time -- he was very busy exploring and jumping off walls. Amanda was busy getting makeup applied by her older cousins, so Phil and I actually had a chance to chat with my siblings. It was nice.
Sunday was boring... some chores and errands. Today we hit the local farm for some produce and to get back in touch with nature:) The kids love feeding the animals and Amanda actually went on the pony ride today. She had been too afraid up until today.
We then headed over to our neighbor's house for another bbq. They just put in the most awesome pool, and again my kids were totally oblivious of me for about 3 hours. They went back and forth between the pool and the trampoline. Fun! It was OK for me. I believe all of my neighbors are conservative, so there was lots of political talk going on and it was clear which way they lean. I didn't even get involved because Phil cringes when I do. I just listened and nodded and bit my tongue. I wonder what they'll think when my Obama car magnet comes in the mail. I also got t-shirt. I stopped short of getting the yard sign -- I live on a cul-de-sac, so no one would see it anyway:)

Hope you had a good Labor Day holiday!

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L.A. Daddy said...

I think women are more talkative than men because when they're kids, the parents let the little boys get away with saying, "Nothing" when they ask about what they did in school. They pester girls until they spill the beans. Next thing you know, you've got grown women sharing stuff with each other that they really shouldn't be sharing :)

Oh, and my Obama sign will really not go over well here in Ohio. And I kinda like that.