Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Why all the hate?

I've come to accept the fact that I live in McCain land. There are yard signs up all over my neighborhood and they mostly consist of McCain/Palin signs. First of all, come on guys... you live in California and Obama is going to win here. I have seen one Obama sticker when I take Luc to school and in another neighborhood I saw, gasp, two Obama yard signs. I'm thinkin', maybe the Obama folks just don't want to flaunt it, or waste their money because they know he'll win in CA.

Anywho.... my neighbors just popped up a "Yes on 8" sign. For those of you not living in California, that eliminates the right to same sex marriage in our Golden State.
I just want to know, why the hate?
There are tons of "yes on 8" signs in my neighborhood and this disturbs me. What reason, beyond religion, is there to make a constitutional amendment banning same sex marraige? I want to know. We are supposed to have a separation of church and state here, so what other reason can you give me for banning it? Churches don't have to marry people of the same sex -- they can walk down to the city hall and take care of it. What's the deal?

I wholeheartedly oppose prop 8 and it saddens me to know that people I know and like support it.


Tom said...

You wanted to put an Obama sticker on your car right? It may be a foregone conclusion that Obama will take California but that doesn't mean one should withhold their support for their candidate. Should those folks also not vote?

And "Yes on 8" is not about hate. Do you think I hate gay people? I don't. But I support 8.

Remember, "we the people" already voted on this topic but the Liberal court here found a B.S. way to get around the wishes of the people and trump their will.

The roots of marriage are solely religious based but the State decided to hijack that notion and now would like to further destroy its legacy.

If the Prop was about civil contracts or unions that give rights similar to "married" people, I would likely support its defeat. But can't support the further destruction of what marriage is.

What if a boy wanted to marry his mother? Is there anything aside from religious roots that should prevent this? And what about marrying your dog? And then to have those taught in school as the exact same thing as between a man and a woman to your child. And having certain teachers actually push those views as they do now on other Liberal views? Where does it end?

What if the State hijacked the notion of what a "sin" was and then tried to force everyone to accept that infidelity is NOT a sin. And that it should be taught in schools that cheating on your spouse is just fine, perhaps even encouraged?

The whole process is deliberately intended to undermine religion.

It's not about hate towards gay people but that's the lie they like to reinforce as truth. That in itself should be telling.

It would be more accurate to ask, "why all the hate towards religion? Why the concerted efforts to undermine?".

Maureen said...

We the people might have voted on this topic, but if we the people voted that we wanted slavery to be legal again, wouldn't the court be within its right to overturn such an unconstitutional law?
Regarding boys marrying their mothers or people marrying their dogs... of course we would cross those bridges if they ever come up. But first, bestiality and incest would have to be legal for quite some before the marriage rights thing could go through.

The process is not intended to undermine religion. Churches can most definitely decide they will not marry people of the same gender and those people can go down to city hall to get married.

Britney Spears, being married for less than 3 days before she had her marriage annulled was a great example of the sanctity of marriage.

The separate but equal argument didn't work for blacks in the mid-20th century.

Tom said...

You're side-stepping the entire point and I suspect you know it.

Maureen said...

I wasn't trying to sidestep anything. Please explain what point I am sidestepping.
The court made its decision. Just like the Supreme Court made the decision that G.W. was president instead of Al Gore.

Tom said...

Okie dokie. That's all for me.

Maureen said...