Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Rainy day blues

Today started off with our morning visitor again. He started early today. Lucas entered our room claiming a bad dream at 3:30 a.m.(either that kid has a lot of bad dreams or he is trying to sucker me into letting him sleep in our room). I took him back to his room and tucked him in again. He was back at 4:15 and I was so exhausted (stayed up too late writing) that I allowed him to stay. Husband never seems to be disturbed by the little critter, but I never get back to sleep fully once Luc is with us. He started asking for breakfast at 6:30 and I told him 5 more minutes. I stretched this out until 6:45 and then he dragged me to the kitchen to help him pour some cereal and milk. Amanda, bless her heart, was sound asleep until 7:15 as always. So, I had a little crankster on my hands because of his poor sleep. We headed out at 8:45 -- late because "someone" hid my keys. We picked up cousin Ben and then stopped by the mailbox to pick up my work mail. Things were going good. We got home and I asked the kids to play for a bit while I got things ready for our craft (homemade placemats). Well, Luc was determined to see the bad in everything. Everyone had a better toy, a better spot to see the book I' was reading, the bigger cupcake (we decorated cupcakes after lunch).... He is acting like we're all out to make him miserable today. Well, I lost it a bit(after 30 minutes of his moaning and crying) and sent him to his room until he could be a good friend. That started the real waterworks and that just tugs at my heart. He is such an emotional boy and I guess I had expectations for what 4 would bring. I thought that by this age he would be able to express himself better and take disappointment a bit better. I need to change my expectations because I know that he's got a lot more emtional growing to do (heck, don't we all).

Everyone is quietly napping now and I've finished cleaning up after lunch and the cupcakes. I have a ton of work to do and this blog is keeping me from it.

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creative-type dad said...

My daughter was doing that "I want to sleep in your bed" routine for awhile.

I had to sit near her bed until she went to sleep. She would keep checking over the covers once in awhile to make sure I was still there.
Eventually I just put a stuffed animal in my place. It seems to working - so far...

It's tough.