Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Easter Bunny is for chumps

So, I'm walking through the market with the kids today and Amanda is going on about what sort of candy the Easter Bunny might bring her. Lucas is quiet. A moment later he says, "Mommy, I know who the Easter Bunny is," I say, really? "Yes," he says. "The Easter Bunny is Y-O-U!".
I tried to keep a straight face and said something like, no, Luc, that's not true. My heart wasn't into making the lie even bigger and thankfully my son was distracted by some Lucky Charms in one of the aisles, so the conversation ended.
Well, it ended for him, but for me, the conversation has been replaying in my mind. As I thought about it, I was like, well, shit, what do you expect when you try to convince a kid that some magical bunny comes and brings a basket full of candy? There's no back story to support it, like there is for Santa. Santa lives somewhere, he is married and has employees. He gets around with flying reindeer. He spreads a message to be good.
What does the Easter Bunny have? Man, I don't know and I never thought about it. I can't believe I was such a dumb child that I believed this junk until I was like 7 or 8. Luc is 6 and he's got it all figured out -- and I'd bet he figured it out on his own because if one of his mates told him, he would be saying, "so and so said there is no Easter Bunny, is this true?"
Part of it may be that we live in a much more diverse culture than I did. And I don't just mean color. I went to a Catholic school, so of course, all of the kids that went to school with me believed in the Easter Bunny. But we talk a lot around here about how we are Catholic but there are lots of people who believe different things and that is okay.
Anyway, I think I might stock Luc's basket extra full this year just because he has figured it all out.

I guess this will be an all Luc post. The kid has turned into a speller instead of a talker. Normally, the kid can talk your ear off. He approaches strangers to say hello and ask lots of questions. Yes, he's going to be the guy behind you in the supermarket who just starts talking to you or asks why you have a pregnancy test in your grocery cart.
Anyway, lately his talking has slowed and it has turned into spelling. Everything is spelled out now. I'll call his name and I'll get W-H-A-T? I'll ask him if he wants green beans or corn and he'll say, C-O-R-N. Luc, do you have to go potty... Y-E-S.
You get the picture. Gone are the days when Phil and I could get away with spelling out what we didn't want the kids to hear.

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