Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Is My New Christmas

So, the Crouses are doing Easter this year. We didn't plan on it, but it just worked out that way. So, tomorrow we'll have about 18 adults and 11 kids at our place.
My mom took the kids overnight last night and all of today so I could start cooking and try to spiffy up the place. Thanks Mom!
I am loving Easter this year. I've made some good (I hope) food and some festive decorations. The kids baskets are all ready to go and the fridge is stocked with plenty of wine, beer and juice.
Everyone else will bring something to the table, I've filled tons of easter eggs for the hunt and printed out some coloring pages to keep the little ones busy.
That's it. Holiday done!
No worrying about what to buy everyone, no pine needles on the floor and no month-long Christmas songs on the radio.
It will just be a nice gathering of family for a warm So. Cal afternoon.
I wish this is how Christmas was. Something you throw together in the week before the holiday. Everyone brings a little something and no one gets stressed out or maxes out their credit card.

Happy Easter or Passover to all!

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