Saturday, March 24, 2007

Back on the farm

This is the first weekend in quite a while that we haven't been tending to a sick child or had plans to be somewhere. We woke up and wondered, what should we do with the kiddos on this beautiful day? Yes, there are a dozen or so containers of plants that I need to get into the ground or else I've just thrown away $200, but I'll do that tomorrow (tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow).
The kids were in rare form this morning and we all just had a good time hanging out and playing games. By 10 a.m. I decided it was probably too late to head up to the S.B. zoo (Kid #2 doesn't do too well without her nap), so we opted for the local farm. I grew up in the area and man, has this place changed. We've been going with the kids since it was just one kid who was 6 months old. The farm used to be this fruit stand where you could get local produce and, in October, your pumpkins. They had a couple of animals a few years ago. Now the place is so crazy. There are animals galore, a train ride, a pony ride, a bounce house, a tractor ride, a sandbox and slides. Our first house was about a mile away from the place so, when I was working outside of home, Luc and I would often stop there after the daycare pickup to get our produce.
Anyway, today was a bit of nostalgia because we haven't been back in a while. The new house is about 5 miles away and we just never head out there anymore. The kids had a blast feeding the animals and climbing on the haystack. I remember being there when Lucas was 2 and Amanda was itty-bitty in the sling -- what a difference 2 years makes! Now they are both running around!

Phil's got the kids out now and I'm supposed to be working on the book.... Uh... I'm having major writer's block and rather than try and work through it, I'm avoiding it. I'm writing on my blog that few people read and of those few, I'm sure none could give a bleep about my local farm.
Time to the see if I can dislodge whatever is blocking my story.

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