Sunday, March 04, 2007

We made it!

So we made it through the weekend with the cousins! All the kids were really kind to us, but Phil and I really need work on remembering that these little people are, well, still little. Everyone went down to bed easily (because we wore them out!) and our own two actually slept in until 7 both mornings! The thing about caring for 4 kids is that someone is almost always needs something. With two you can go almost twenty minutes before someone asks you for something.
The house isn't as wrecked as I imagined it would be and I did actually cook two meals -- it is tough to cook for other kids because they are just as picky as mine, except not in the same way.

Abby made me determined to get a boob job. I was helping her in the bathroom today and she looked at my chest and said, "Aunt Mo, how come your boobs, are, well, they're not like a grownup, they're more like a kids."
This kid is killing me! I asked her what she meant and she got a bit embarrased. She said that mine weren't as big as her moms. I explained that people's bodies come in all shapes and sizes and it is part of what makes us unique. I wanted to tell her that she should have seen me before two babies sucked the life out of my chest, but I didn't.
I know my rack isn't what it was in my twenties, but since I never was too large on top, there isn't a big pull towards the earth. But now... you know they say kids are honest about these things and so I know that if I had a few thousand lying around and I wasn't terrified of being put under without a good reason then I would go for it, definitely.

Trying to get everyone fed, bathed and tucked into bed last night I was reminded of the old Yiddish folk tale, "It could always be worse"
Tucking our two angels into bed tonight was a delight. The clothes are all picked out for tomorrow and I know that leaving the house tomorrow will be a breeze.

Although the cousins are very well-mannered, fun kids, this weekend did help Phil and I feel confident in our decision to stick with two kids.

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