Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring is here!

I have been looking forward to Spring since like November. We had a really freaking cold winter this year (too bad not much rain) and I've just been dreaming of the days getting longer and warmer. Th.... Just had to leave for a minute because the Jehovah's Witnesses came by for their weekly visit. I've tried in every nice way to tell them that they won't convert me, but I think I end up seeming more and more like a candidate to them. I make the mistake of telling them that husband and I were both raised Christian and have strayed from that path (maybe I shouldn't tell them "strayed" because they seem to like that) and that we talk a lot about religion and we come up with more questions than answers. But I think I've been quite clear that we are not going to be part of organized religion at this point in time. Husband is much an agnostic, bordering on atheist, while I seem to tend toward the idea of God but I can't put faith in much more than that. Religion has been used for such evil and still is and I fear that I cannot muster even the tiniest bit of faith in anything other than Jesus was a good man and God caused the creation of the universe. It scares the shite out of me because what if I'm totally wrong and I am damning my soul and the souls of my children -- you know, I was raised Catholic and they used to be big on that damned souls thing.

Anyway, I was going to write my post on the entrance of Spring and my back problems (husband is a PT and would KILL me if he knew I was sitting at the computer right now), but the Witnesses have sapped my will to type. Now my brain is stuck on philosophical questions that I know will never be answered.

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