Friday, March 02, 2007

What would you do with $267 Million?

I was watching the news this morning while husband got the kids squared away with breakfast and they mentioned that the lottery jackpot here was up to $267 million. I don't usually go in for that sort of thing, but while I applied my mascara I thought that with that much money I could certainly hire someone put my makeup on for me every morning... probably with better results.
After I dropped Lucas off at school, Amanda and I headed to the market to stock up on some fruit and veggies for the weekend -- my kids go through fruit faster than Grandma can go through a pound of See's Candy, and that's fast!
After we checked out I noticed a lottery machine. Interesting. Was it a sign? I never noticed it there before, so I decided I better take a chance. There was a dollar in my pocket that I had been meaning to throw in the trash and I decided to put it in the machine. Now I may be holding the "golden ticket". If I do win, I suppose I should share some of the winnings with Eric Spillman over at KTLA, since his story alerted me to the huge jackpot.

What will I do with the rest? Unfortunately (not really) I have a very large family -- 6 siblings, plus one brother-in-law, 2 parents and 2 parents-in-law -- so we'll have to spread the wealth amongst them. After squirling away some for our kids' Harvard educations and donating a sizable chunk to charity, I figure husband and I should be able to afford a pretty nice spread here in suburbia, and perhaps we can even spring for a vacation pad in Hawaii or someplace tropical. If we do that, however, I'll also have to pay for some pretty intense therapy to rid me of my terrible fear of flying.

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