Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Sick child confounds parents, storytime sucks and first haircut

Picked son up from Aunt's house yesterday. He seemed fine while we were saying our goodbyes but fell asleep in the car. As I lifted him out of his car seat he felt really warm. I gave him time to cool down and then checked his temp and it was 102. WTF... we just got over being sick 10 days ago. He was looking pretty sorry, so we let him sit on the couch and watch a video while the rest of the fam ate dinner. He didn't want to take anything to eat or drink. He fell asleep at about 6:30 and we carried him to bed at about 7 -- gave him some Motrin and a few sips of water. He woke up once during the night to use the potty. Husband and I got a chance to put daughter to bed together -- something we never do since she is the second child. It was very nice.

Son woke me up at 6:15 this morning and he was ready to go. He was running all around the house. Didn't want to eat, but he was full of energy and fever was absent. So what the hell happened? I have no idea.

Son was feeling good so I decided to check out storytime at the local library. We used to go to storytime weekly near our old house and son always loved it. I could wander the aisles near the story area with a then infant daughter and keep an eye on son. It worked beautifully. Well, the new library is so stupid. They have three different story times on different days -- one day has baby storytime, one has toddler (2-3 year olds) and one has preschoolers (3-5). The crazy thing.... they don't want you to bring along any kids that don't fit that age group. Look, if you have multiple kids, chances are that some aren't going to fall in the right age group on a given day and they may not be in school yet. I chanced it today and brought daughter (26 months) and son (4). Daughter was doing OK, but a few times she forgot to use a whisper to ask me a question and we got the big old stink eye from the libarian. I left after the first story because I noticed that another librarian was quietly kicking out two mommies who had brought their infants along with their preschool age children. Sorry, I guess you're supposed to leave the infants at home alone (maybe they can do some laundry while you're gone).
The weird thing is that they totally close off this storytime area (in a children's library) with a curtain, so you can't send your child in there and keep an eye on them from the stacks of books. I think this is stupid and I'm now boycotting storytime at my new library. The librarians don't even seem to like children unless they are the type of children who are seen and not heard.

Daughter had her first professional haircut today and she had a great time. I won't go into the 3 years of torture son put us through with cutting his hair -- he's finally stopped screaming and drooling. Son's hair is so thick and grows so fast, it has to be trimmed every 2 months. Daughter's hair isn't quite so crazy. I've cut it at home a couple of times already, but damn, if it ain't tricky to get it sort of straight. And I'm always afraid I'm going to poke her eye with the scissors. So, why not take her where someone else can poke her with scissors. It was great because the whole thing took 7 minutes as opposed to my 40 minutes. It is almost perfect and she was very courageous. She got nervous when I sat her down and she gave me a worried look, but the stylist produced a lollipop and everything was coolio.
Son was very well behaved and enjoyed watching someone else sitting in he chair -- he too received a lollipop.
Oh, then I was just feeling the need to ruin my kids and when they asked if they could go to the golden arches for lunch, I actually agreed. They were stunned at first and a little dismayed that they didn't get a chance to dig into their bag of whines. They even ate the fruit I put on their plates -- alongside their nuggets and fries.

It has been a good day (we even did a craft this morning, went for a walk and made banana muffins after nap!) Husband is now home and bathing the babes, so I can do some laundry:)
Shite, their almost done with their bath so I better go throw in a load.

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