Sunday, March 11, 2007

They have me surrounded

Phil got a last minute invite to head down to O.C. to visit with an old friend who was visiting. He headed out yesterday and left me flying solo with the kids. All of my plans for doing some major gardening went out the window because my muscle (the husband) was gone. Kids and I survived and had some fun. But I was hoping for a bit of time to myself while they napped. I put them down and cleaned up a bit and then decided to sit outside (it is gorgeous outside today) and read the paper. It is so rare that I get to read much of my beloved Sunday paper.
I set my glass of ice tea on the table outside and was just opening up the "Current" section when I heard the buzzing. I didn't need to look up to know what it was and I quickly ran inside, abandoning my refreshment. From my slider I spied two gigantic hornets flying around my patio cover. That's it, no way in hell I'm going outside now.
I have a HUGE fear of flying, stinging insects. Hornets, wasps, and yellow jackets all have the power to turn me into a crazy, arm-flailing woman. I would almost knock over a small child to get away from these creatures. The fear has been around as long as I can remember. Honeybees are OK as long as they aren't the "killer" variety, but all other flying, stinging creatures are out.
The fear is so crazy... I know it is. I mean, sometimes I actually think that they are out to get me... I really freakin do. I need to be locked up but I have abandoned sand toys at the park because a wasp was following me and the kids and was trying to get us. It just knew we were going back for the sand toys and kept trying to attack us.
Now I'm being kept hostage inside my home on this beautiful day.
Oh, they are so ugly. They are so, so ugly! Hornets just seem to love our eaves and I guess this is the time of year they are looking to start a family. Last year we located a large nest in our eaves and after husband sprayed the thing with poison, he counted at least 30 of the disgusting thngs. The hive itself was hiddeous!
I could go on and on.... Husband thinks I'm nuts (not only for this fear) and he just hopes I don't pass this on to our children.

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creative-type dad said...

Seriously - those things FREAK me out too.

When one comes comes buzzing around, I scream like a Japanese schoolgirl and then run for Taco Bell.