Monday, March 06, 2006

First day at new school

Lucas had his first day at the new school and it went very well. He was very excited to see his cousin at school - she's in a different room because she's 4.5 but the school is so tiny they see a lot of each other.
The sisters who teach are so patient and kind and I love, love, love the small size of the classes -- about 8 kids in Luc's class compared to 30 kids in his other school.
He seemed really happy today after school and I think it's going to make a difference. I know it's only MWF for 3 hours each time (9 hours a week) but I really think it's an important part of his social growth. He's had a hard year with the addition of Amanda to the family and just the growing pains of his third year of life -- saying good-bye to binky, hello to big kid bed, hello to toilet-training and bye-bye diapers (thank God). It's a lot of change for a little person and I think the constant of school in a friendly, safe enviroment is very important.
I'm praying that things go well and that I made the right decision.

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