Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Storytime, crazy time

Why did all of the other moms at storytime today look so calm and happy to be sitting with their little angels while I was having my hair pulled by my screaming toddler and my preschooler was desparately trying to get my attention by wildly flapping his arms?
I don't know how other moms control their smaller children while the older ones listen to the story.

Today was our first trip to storytime at the library. Lucas was very excited and he quickly joined the other children on the carpet in front of the librarian. He paid attention to the first story, but then he wanted to make sure I was watching him, so he was making all sorts of arm movements. Amanda was not content to sit on my lap and listen, so I was walking her all over the library while trying to keep an eye on Luc.
Amanda is at a crazy age right now where she doesn't really get the idea that you aren't supposed to fling every book off the shelf at the library, so I can't really let her roam. In case you are thinking I should put her in the stroller... wrong! She will just howl her head off and look as if she's having a seizure as she tries to escape from the horrible device that is keeping her from running around. Ahhh! Luc had a good time, and that is what counts, but man, it stresses me out. We'll try again next week. Days like this, I wish I had a nanny who could watch Amanda while I spend quality time with the Lucster.

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