Saturday, March 04, 2006

tough day ended well

We're still recovering from Luc's bout with a nasty stomach virus. He is still not eating much and it has been over a week so his energy level is very low and he is extremely emotional.
Phil left us this morning at about 6:30 to run the 5K for the Great Race of Agoura. The kids and I stayed home to get ready for Lucas' first day of soccer. We were heading out the door and Phil made it back in time to join us. We headed out to the park but we soon found out that soccer was cancelled because the fields were too wet from the recent rain. I guess they didn't want the little 3-year-olds slipping in the muddy fields.
We played for a bit at the park, but Luc was already pretty whiny. While he was sick we catered to his every need, of course, and now it seems as if he has changed into this demanding little child who won't take no for an answer. Now that we are asking him to take part in regular activities and do a few things at home (like pick up toys and eat his dinner) he complains at every turn. It is really putting us all on edge.
So, the rest of the day went downhill and Phil and I were starting to get irritated with eachother's handling of Luc. After Amanda went to bed we read a bit to Luc and we were able to end the night on a good note with him.
Now Phil and I have enjoyed a nice glass of wine and all seems right again.

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