Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Heard in the bathroom and other stories of the day

Luc was using the potty and I was outside the door folding laundry. I heard him loudly pass gas and I chuckled softly. He heard me and said "I just have a little gas." I replied, "I'll say!" and Luc quickly protested, "no, I'll say that!"

Luc got a reprieve on the planned haircut today. His hair is getting so long, but I've gone through three years of screaming, crying, and drooling at the kids hair place and I just didn't have it in me today. Yes, I've tried cutting his hair at home, in front of the tv and using other distractions, but he does no better with me and he ends up with a real hack job. At least if we go to the salon, it comes out halfway decent. It is never great because he is moving around so much an putting his hands in the way of the scissors. I don't know how to make it any less scary for him. I never thought my three-year-old would still be having such a hard time. Anyway, by the time we pulled up to the place to get his hair cut he was already crying hysterically, so I said, screw it!
The funny thing is that we were in a coffee shop today on the way to the library and the young woman behind the counter said of Luc "He has the coolest hair of any kid I've seen" and I'm like "I'm taking him to get it cut today." And she says "no! It is really cool!"

During the day I always have the best intention of getting some much needed clutter clearing or cleaning done at the end of the day. But alas, I am so wiped out once Lucas and Amanda are in bed that I never get to it. Instead, as Phil is now putting Luc to bed I just cracked a Tecate and I'm wasting time writing this. How do some women do it? Where do you find your reserve energy? Since I awoke at 6:30 this morning I've nursed my toddler, made breakfast for the kids (OK, oatmeal, waffles and fruit aren't hard to do), cleaned the breakfast dishes, dressed the kids, threw in a load of laundry, logged in with work to catch phone calls and email, packed us up for storytime and headed to the library, came home and made lunch for kids, answered email and a few phone calls while kids had lunch , nursed toddler, tucked kids in for a nap, cleaned up the mess from lunch, logged back in with work while the kids napped, kids got up and packed them to head for my mom's, dropped Amanda off at mom's and headed to hair place with Luc, turned right around and just spent time with kids and mom. Headed home and made dinner and fed kids. Played a bit with kids and did some more laundry. Phil came in and headed straight for the treadmill. Nursed and tucked Amanda into bed. Came out and cleaned up mess from dinner. Hung out with Luc. Phil finally emerged from jog and shower to eat dinner and read a couple stories to Lucas. Now he is putting him to bed. In Phil's defense, he would happily do the dishes later tonight -- well, not happily, but not grudgingly -- but I'm not the type to let them sit there until 9 p.m. so my husband who worked equally as hardtoday can do them.
Anyway, I'm just rambling to myself because I just want to validate that I should be a bit wiped out and not have bundles of energy now. I have linen closets, kid's closet's, my closets and kitchen cabinets screaming to be cleaned out. I need to do spring cleaning and painting so bad but I just can't seem to just freakin buck up and do it at night. There is just no time between work and keeping the kids clean and fed to do anything during the day.
I keep hoping that my fairytale nanny will come and whisk the kids away for a fun-filled week so I can dig in.

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