Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter goodness

This Easter was filled with too much candy, not enough (not any actually) wine and adorable (hyper) kids.
We started off the morning early with two little ones eating peeps -- peeps at 6:30 a.m. for God's sake! The morning continued with homemade waffles (more syrup Mommy!), eggs for husband and I (kids couldn't be talked into eating them) and bacon for everyone. What a healthy start:)
I headed off to church with my mom and Lucas mid-morning. I don't consider myself Catholic any longer, but I do enjoy the rituals at the holidays -- I was raised with this stuff and it's hard to entirely shake it off.
Then it was the long drive to my brother's house for some cousin time and the annual egg hunt.
I won't even go into the hard work my SIL put into the festivities... I'll just say that she is CRAZY!

But this is what it's all about:
I took about 5 pictures and in each one, at least one child was looking away from the camera.

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牛步千里 said...

lovely children...^^