Sunday, April 22, 2007

In-law visit and old stomping grounds

I'll start this post off by saying that I couldn't ask for better in-laws. I've finally started accepting that they really do like me and GD, they love my kids. They are the most accepting, loving people. They are willing to help out in any capacity if only I could learn how to ask for help.
The O.C. Crouses headed up Friday afternoon and the kids were ready -- it's only been a few weeks since their last visit, so not enough time for the kids to have forgotten how much they love the grandparents Crouse. On Saturday afternoon we headed to the local Arbor Day festival and we ran into the kids' pediatrician. We love her! But it was strange seeing her outside her office -- it's like when I was a kid and I saw a teacher in a store or something.... you mean they don't live in the classroom!!!

The grandparents only got on my nerves only a tad and there weren't too many comments like, "didn't mommy bring your sweater" or, during a diaper change where daughter fussses, "is mommy hurting you." Yeah, those sort of things get to me. There are some other little things that irk me, but I'm beginning to realize that these things are my problem -- my pettiness or crankiness -- and nothing I should complain about.

Husband and I got a little time off Saturday and we headed to a restaurant we used to frequent back in pre-kid days. We lingered over a long dinner and a glass of wine. While it seemed like a long dinner at the time, we looked at our watch and it had only been like 45 minutes. We realized the kids wouldn't even be in bed yet and we better find something else to do. It's funny, once you have kids, any mealtime that involves more than 20 minutes of continuous sitting is a long meal. We weren't quite sure what to do in our quiet town and then I suggested heading over to the good 'ole Crown and Anchor. It's a British Pub that we used to go to in our youth:)
It hasn't changed much, even the kids in there are still the same age we were 6 or 7 years ago. Only Husband and I seem to have gotten older. We grabbed a pint and settled into the cozy bar. We mostly enjoyed watching our former selves. It was really creepy and cool. To think that used to be us on many Saturday nights... enjoying one too many pints, heading outside for smoke, acting cool around the guys (me) or seeming nonchalant around the ladies (husband). It now seems so boring and my life with the kids and a quiet evening at home with Husband is so much more exciting and fulfilling. Gawd I'm old!

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