Thursday, April 12, 2007

A night out with Terry Gross

So last September or October my local public ration station (which I love) was holding its fall membership drive. I have a love/hate relationship with the membership drive. I usually renew my membership early in the drive and then later on they start offering cool gifts to donors and I'm like, "damn, I should have waited because I could really use a bottle of wine, a new book or cool t-shirt."
Last fall, after I had renewed, they said they were giving donors the opportunity at early ticket sales for Terry Gross (host of Fresh Air) who was coming to my town. I was sad that I missed a chance to get a first chance at tickets. I love Fresh Air, so I really thought tickets would sell out quickly. I mentioned this to my husband but he didn't say much about it.
On Christmas '06 he surprised me with tickets to the show. I was like, "what, they didn't sell out? Cool!"
The show was this evening and I was a little dismayed when listening to kclu today to hear that there were still tickets available. Then I remembered that I live in a fairly conservtive city.
Anyway, husband and I were excited for an entertaining night out -- something that doesn't happen much here in the suburbs. Mom came over early to watch the kiddos and husband and I had a chance to enjoy a plastic cup of wine before the show.
It was great. I had heard many of the interviews that she played clips from (like the one where she interviewed Bill O'Reilly) but it was interesting to get more of what she was thinking at the time.
I think part of the reason I really love Terry Gross is that she admits to having been a shy person when she started in radio. I'm a total social-phobe and to hear someone who sort of overcame that and is now an awesome interviewer gives me hope.
The crazy thing is she has been doing Fresh Air since I was still in diapers (I was 1 when the show started as a local program).
Anyway, I'm still feeling high off of an evening out, two cups of wine and seeing someone I admire up close.
To sum up, support your local public radio.

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