Friday, April 13, 2007

Mommy needs a nap and son likes broccoli

This afternoon I dragged the kiddos to the fancy part of town to leave some papers with our accountant. I was feeling a bit sluggish and my daughter picked up on my yawns from her carseat. She said, "you tired mommy?" I said that I was, to which she replied, "mommy, you need a nap." "Yes, I do," I said, "but who is going to watch you and your brother while I nap." Son said that Dad could watch them, but I reminded him that Dad was still at work. So I asked again who could watch them and son replied, "Well, we could just call 911."
We've been talking with him recently about what to do in emergency situations and showing him how to use the phone if he needs to call someone. I guess we need to do a bit more work.

The accountant has a nice office overlooking a local lake. Husband and I used to go there a lot with son to have lunch and walk around to see the ducks. It was cheap, peaceful fun. The kids had a great time watching the ducks, pretending to fish and trying to break open their heads while rock climbing.

With all of the running around the kids worked up a good appetite. I served up dinner and they ate happily. Son started to eye the broccoli on my plate and he asked for some. I had to surpress the urge to do a flip over the table and I calmly gave him a few pieces. He ate them up and asked for more, saying, "Broccoli is my favorite vegetable."
Um... since when? I used to offer it to him all the time when he was a toddler -- you know, the rule to put something on a kid's plate 15 times and they'll eventually try it. Well, that never worked out so well. But tonight was a success and I'm stoked. I love broccoli and eat it a few times a week. Let's see if daughter follows brother's lead.

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