Thursday, April 26, 2007

Serenity and Chaos

Two days. Same set of kids. Two completely different outcomes. Beware... boring play-by-play of day's events.
Yesterday was just about as perfect as it could get. Kids woke up and ate breakfast and complied with getting dressed. We made it to son's preschool on time and daughter and I headed to pick up cousin Ben. Ben seemed a bit pouty, but I just kept joking with him and pushing his buttons until he decided to lighten up. We headed out to my mom's for a visit and to drop off some old baby clothes for a sis-in-law. Took my mom's dog for a walk, grabbed a coffee and had a nice visit. Then Amanda, Ben and I went to get my car washed. Kids were angelic and enjoyed playing near the fountain at the car wash. We then headed to a local Mexican restaurant (I use the term lightly because it is very Americanized Mexican food) and both kids ate their meals and left little mess.
We then dropped by the preschool for Lucas pickup and the kids had fun running around the grassy area. Nap time was up next and even Lucas decided to partake in the nap. We didn't have to get girl cousin because she had a date with her mom.
Kids woke up from nap... they had a somewhat healthy snack outside and then they had a blast playing in the water out back for close to an hour. Sis-in-law came to collect boy cousin about
4 p.m. and then Lucas, Amanda and I walked down to the market to stock up on band-aids. Lucas walked the mile in each direction without even one complaint. We headed home and they got to watch and episode of Scooby-Doo while I made homemade pizza and salad and they ate heartily. Husband appeared about 6:30 and then quickly disappeared for his jog so the kids and I headed out to the library. We picked out some books and videos and checkout was a non-event. Came home, read some books, colored a bit and the kids hit the hay. I cleaned up the kitchen, answered a few emails and then sat and watched Lost with husband and enjoyed an Amstel Light.
How much better can it get. I had high hopes for today.
I'll be back later for the play-by-play and maybe you have some answers as to where I went wrong.

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