Thursday, April 19, 2007

My birthday and vision test

I can't see what I'm typing right now so we'll see if those high school typing classes paid off.

Along with being the day of my birth, April 19 is also the day the revolutionay war started with the Battle of Lexington. I've always been proud to share my day with such a moment in our nation's history -- ever since I was little I felt like I was somehow special because of my birthday and the birth of our nation. Crazy, I know, but a kid has got to find some reason to feel special.
I am saddened to see where our nation is now more than 130 years later.

Before I turned 30 all birthdays were depressing to me. I didn't want to get older. Once I hit the big one, though, it hasn't seemed like such a big deal. So I'm 33, what's the big deal? Day started off with husband going out for doughnuts. Bless his heart, I can't seem to convince him that I hate eating doughnuts for breakfast. I don't think I've felt good about eating a doughnut since I was a little kid. But he doesn't get it and it's his way of saying he loves me because the man can't cook. So, I ate a doughnut and felt like hell the rest of the morning.
I took the day off work and the kids and I met my mom for lunch. They were well behaved and ate nothing but french fries and canteloupe. We headed over to sis-in-law's house and the wonderwoman had baked me a carrot cake (my fav).. Sis-in-law is an awesome mom, a fabulous cook and baker and she is always doing things for other people. God bless her! But she has such a hard time letting people do things for her.
Anyway, if you ever meet her you'll want to be her friend.

I left my kids with sis-in-law and headed over to my first adult eye appointment. I've been feeling like my vision when driving isn't so great so I thought I better get checked out since I carry precious cargo. Turns out my eyes are perfect and the problem is that I work on the computer all day and my eyes just need a little tlc -- eye drops.
Can't wait to see my doctor bill!
The good doctor (he really is) dilated my eyes and it is freaky.
I don't have the kids this afternoon because sis-in-law is going to watch them so hubby and I can go and have sushi after he gets home from work. So here I am with about 2 hours of time where I could write or read and I can't do either (except write this post, which probably will be filled with errors.)
I can't watch television, not that I'd want to. But what is a person with a mind that doesn't stop supposed to do without vision. I guess I can go and clean the house since mom and dad-in-law are coming for a visit tomorrow.
Not my idea of "me time" but I guess the bathtubs are calling.

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Molly said...

Instead of cleaning the bathtub you should have soaked in it and drank some Champagne! Your old bones could use a rest. Why do you keep saying you turned 33? We both know you turned 35. Doh! That would make me 31. Yuck!