Friday, April 27, 2007

New day and shirtsleeves

OK... so I promised to post about yesterday's chaos to compare it to the previous day. But I've changed my mind. Why dwell on it? Sure, there are days where everyone is out of control and the house seems trashed, but I think I'd rather pick up and move on.

I think I'll gripe about something else instead -- my husband's shirts.
I love my husband dearly and he is a great father, but I wish the man would freaking unroll his shirtsleeves before he puts his shirts in the hamper! I've mentioned it to him before and he complied for about 5 days before he went back to his old habits. It probably takes me an extra 5 seconds to unroll the sleeves but it's more what those rolled sleeves represent. When I'm having a particularly tough day and feeling overwhelmed with work and then the constant work of caring for the household duties and kids, those sleeves can throw me over the edge. I start thinking to myself, "he doesn't respect my time and all the work I do around here... blah, blah,blah!"
Oh, man, I have have some crazy fights with him in my head. But those feelings have usually subsided by the time he gets home from work and I realize that he could very well be thinking "I can't believe she went out and bought more plants today. I work hard for our money and I need some new shirts."

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Molly said...

That's so funny! I always yell at Matt for not doing that and for not unrolling his socks before throwing them in the hamper. I do the laundry and I'm always like, "can't you unroll your filthy socks!!". Then I feel the same way as you. (you ungrateful....)